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Is there no video output on the APR-5000-XL?

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Is there no video output on the APR-5000-XL?


Possible Causes:

1) Bad video connection.

2) There is a black or blue screen.

3) Corrupt or bad WinTV video drivers.

4) Bad camera.

5) Software vision lockup issue.

6) Camera HOME sensor always on.

7) Bad camera assemly.

Possible Solutions (corresponding to the Causes #):

1) Check all camera connections: 25 pin plug on the back od the camera, RCA video to monitor or PC (if internal video capture card), RCA video out to Hauppauge (if external video capture), or the USB from Hauppauge to PC.

2) Usually indicated problem on connection or machine side. Check all connections.

3) Remove and reinstall WinTV video drivers.

4) If camera issue can be determined by swapping with known good camera. Replace camera.

5) A: Close and reopen program, B: If problem persists, reboot PC computer.

6) Check HOME sensor and flag. replace sensor harness if necessary.

7) Replace camera assembly.

If you need instructions on how to replace or check any of these parts, please contact our APR Support Team.

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