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Orange arrow What is the smallest pitch size I can rework on a Scorpion Rework machine?

  The smallest commonly reworked pitch on the Scorpion is about 0.4mm, with the rework capability of smaller pitch sizes being possible but much less common....
Orange arrow Is the Scorpion Rework System lead-free compatible?

  Yes, the Scorpion Rework Systems work for both leaded and lead-free solder....
Orange arrow What common types of packages can the Scorpion Rework System rework?

  The Scorpion Rework Systems can rework a large variety of component packages. The most common packages are BGA, PBGA, CGA, CTBGA, CVBGA, LLP, LGA, PLCC, QFP, POP, 0603, 0401, 0201....
Orange arrow How many heating zones can I add to a thermal profile on the Scorpion Rework System?

  We recommend to limit of 16-20 zones. You will be able to add more zones, but this action as not been tested thoroughly and cannot confirm the machine's stability beyond that limit....
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