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Orange arrow The vacuum tube on the APR-5000-XL does not go to UP or FREE modes?

  Possible Causes: 1) Broken or leaking tube connection to air cylinder. 2) Bad vacuum pump. 3) Bad air cylinder. Possible Solutions (corresponding to the Causes #): 1) Check tubing from vacuum pump in the chassis to air cylinder in the head. 2) Replace vacuum pump (APR-VPC). Replacement instru...
Tagged: Vacuum, up, pump

Orange arrow Is there no or low vacuum pickup on the APR-5000-XL?

  Possible Causes: 1) Bad vacuum pump. 2) Clogged vacuum filter. 3) Clogged vacuum tube or elbow fitting. Possible Solutions (corresponding to the Causes #): 1) Check for vacuum pump activation (sound). Replace vacuum pump (APR-VPC). Replacement instructions: APR-VPC - Airflow.pdf 2) Replace fi...
Tagged: Vacuum, pump

Orange arrow Is there no airflow or reduced airflow at the Reflow Head on the APR-5000-XL?

  Possible Causes: 1) Kinked air hose or hose not connected. 2) Incorrect setting in the software. 3) Bad connection. 4) No control voltage. 5) Bad reflow pump. Possible Solutions (corresponding to the Causes #): 1) Check the white-striped hose connected to the lower inlet on the reflow heater...
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