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Orange arrow What is the maximum size PCB that can fit on the Scorpion Rework System?

  Maximum Size: 13.5" X Open (304.8mm X Open) Maximum Thickness: 0.25" (6mm)...
Orange arrow Is the Scorpion Rework System lead-free compatible?

  Yes, the Scorpion Rework Systems work for both leaded and lead-free solder....
Orange arrow What common types of packages can the Scorpion Rework System rework?

  The Scorpion Rework Systems can rework a large variety of component packages. The most common packages are BGA, PBGA, CGA, CTBGA, CVBGA, LLP, LGA, PLCC, QFP, POP, 0603, 0401, 0201....
Orange arrow What is the maximum size PCB the APR-5000-XL can hold?

  Maximum size: 622mm x 622mm (24.5" x 24.5") Maximum thickness: 6mm (0.25")...
Orange arrow The Enter (Next) button does not work on the APR-5000-XL?

  Possible Causes: 1) Bad connections. 2) Bad action button PCB. Possible Solutions (corresponding to the Causes #): 1) Check the connection from the action button PCB to the control PCB 2) Replace the action button PCB (APR-XLABK). Replacement instructions: Replace APR-XLABK Action Board.pdf I...
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