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Orange arrow What are the heater ratings for the Scorpion Rework System?

  Small (Inner) Preheater: 900W Large (Outer) Preheater: 1800W Reflow (Top) Heater: 550W...
Orange arrow What are the maximum temperature settings of each heater on the Scorpion Rework System?

  Reflow heater: 400°C (752ºF) Inner Preheater: 350ºC (662ºF) Outer Preheater: 350ºC (662ºF)...
Orange arrow Is there no heat from the Reflow (Top) Heater on the APR-5000-XL?

  Possible Causes: 1) The Reflow Heater is bad. 2) The RTD in the Reflow Heater is bad. 3) Bad solid state relay on the main PCBA. Possible Solution (corresponding to the Causes #): 1) Check the heater resistance. Replace heater head assembly (APR-HHA). Replacement instructions: APR-HHA Replace....
Orange arrow Is there an odd or strange plot for the Reflow Heater RTD on the APR-5000-XL?

  Possible Causes: 1) The RTD is out of possition. 2) There is a bad or intermittent RTD connection. Possible Solutions (corresponding to the Causes #): 1) Remove the heater head cover and reposition the RTD. APR-HHA Main RTD Position.pdf 2) Tighten the female connectors to the heater head RTD h...
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Orange arrow Is there a Pre-Heater RTD error on the APR-5000-XL?

  Possible Causes: 1) Bad connections or not plugged in. 2) Bad RTD. Possible Solutions (corresponding to the Causes #): 1) Check all connections to RTD's and to the PCB. 2) Replace the RTD assembly. Replacement instructions: APR-XL Preheater and RTD replacement.pdf If you need instructions on ...

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