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Orange arrow What are the heater ratings for the Scorpion Rework System?

  Small (Inner) Preheater: 900W Large (Outer) Preheater: 1800W Reflow (Top) Heater: 550W...
Orange arrow What are the maximum temperature settings of each heater on the Scorpion Rework System?

  Reflow heater: 400°C (752ºF) Inner Preheater: 350ºC (662ºF) Outer Preheater: 350ºC (662ºF)...
Orange arrow How do I know what size reflow nozzle to use to rework a component?

  The size of the reflow nozzle depends on your board and the surrounding components. You want your nozzle to surround the component you are reworking without overlapping the adjacent components. We recommend a minimum of 1mm clearance from the component. For example, if your component is 21 x 21mm w...
Orange arrow Is there no heat from the Reflow (Top) Heater on the APR-5000-XL?

  Possible Causes: 1) The Reflow Heater is bad. 2) The RTD in the Reflow Heater is bad. 3) Bad solid state relay on the main PCBA. Possible Solution (corresponding to the Causes #): 1) Check the heater resistance. Replace heater head assembly (APR-HHA). Replacement instructions: APR-HHA Replace....

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