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Orange arrow What kind of vision system does the Scorpion Rework System use?

  The Scorpion Rework System uses a Smartplace Technology Vision System. It uses a dual, full color HD camera with a selectble camera view and diffused LED lighting for shadow-free component alignment....
Orange arrow What is the field of view on the camera for the Scorpion Rework System?

  The maximum field of view is 60mm x 45mm (2.36" x 1.77") and the minimum viewable component size is 0.51mm x 0.25mm (0.020" x 0.010" )....
Orange arrow Is there no component lighting on the APR-5000-XL camera?

  Possible Causes: 1) Bad lamp assembly. 2) Bad inverter board. Possible Solutions (corresponding to the Causes #): 1) Replace lamp assembly (APR-CL). Replacement instructions: APR Camera Repair Instructions (lamp, inverter, camera module, fan).pdf (follow through page 2). 2) Replace inverter bo...
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